What are we?

The O'Reilly is one of Oxford's newest student theatres — it opened in 2002 and is Located in the grounds of Keble College. it has a seating capacity of roughly 200 (depending on configuration) and its technical capabilities and range of staging options make it one of the most popular performance spaces in oxford, with its three termly performance slots much sought after by student companies.

The O'Reilly has excellent technical facilities: all productions in the space have access to an extensive lighting rig and sound equipment, as well as video projection technology. Seating can be rearranged to allow for plays in round, thrust and traverse formations. There are also two balconies, one of which can be used to seat orchestras or bands. For more information about the technical side of the O'Reilly, email Ran Michaeli [ran.michaeli@keble.ox.ac.uk].

The O'Reilly is run by the Martin Esslin Society, who are also responsible for selecting the productions staged in the theatre each term. We aim to offer an exciting, diverse and high quality season of shows each term, and encourage production companies from across the university to apply for performance slots. For more information about the bidding process, please visit the 'FAQs and Bids' section of our website.  


The O'Reilly is also on Facebook, please check out our page:  https://www.facebook.com/KebleOReilly/

Where are we?
The O'Reilly overlooks Newman Quad in the grounds of Keble College. Visitors should enter the college  through the Blackhall Road entrance, or via the Porter's Lodge (located on Parks Road). Wheelchair users are advised to use the entrance on Blackhall Road, where there is a lift providing access to the theatre's main floor.
For more information about how to find the O'Reilly, see the "FIND US" page of the website.
Who are we?
During term time, the O'reilly is overseen by the martin Esslin Society, a student-run committee appointed for a twelve month term at the beginning of each hilary term. The theatre technician also sits on the committee, and is responsible for all technical aspects of the O'Reilly. The current MES committee are:

President - Dorothy McDowell [dorothy.mcdowell@keble.ox.ac.uk]
Dorothy supervises all  of the Martin Esslin Society's affairs, from the day-t0-day running of the  O’Reilly, to funding applications made to the society.  directors should contact Dorothy with any queries about the O'Reilly, and any major website queries should also be directed to her, see below for who to contact with other queries.

Marketing Manager - Bryony Streets [bryony.streets@keble.ox.ac.uk]
Bryony is the first point of contact for  marketing teams. She oversees  O’Reilly's print and online marketing, and can assist marketing teams in raising the profile of their shows. All print material for O'reilly productions should be sent to bryony for approval as soon as it is available.

Treasurer - Juliet Dowley [juliet.dowley@keble.ox.ac.uk]
Juliet is the first point of contact for any financial queries (for bids or funding applications). Juliet is also responsible for contacting companies about productions fees and payment deadlines. All applications for grants/loans should be directed to her.

Director of Development - Millie Tupper [amelia.tupper@keble.ox.ac.uk]

Millie oversees the development of the O'Reilly - and through this, oxford theatre more generally - as a space continuing to focus on encouraging diversity in the theatre. Any queries relating to diversity and development should be directed to her. 

Secretary - Justin Kendall [justin.kendall@keble.ox.ac.uk]
Justin oversees all the administrative tasks of the O’Reilly, and should be your first point of call for any information about the O’Reilly not listed in the above descriptions. When the O’Reilly bids are due in (usually the Wednesday of 5th week the term before the show), you should send your bids to Justin, who will coordinate the date and time of your bid interview (interviews are usually held on Saturday of 5th/Sunday of 6th).

Technician - Ran Michaeli [ran.michaeli@keble.ox.ac.uk]
Ran is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the O’Reilly, and will be present during your get-in and get-outs to assist, inform and oversee the safety of your production. Please contact him with any technical queries (lighting, sound, facilities and staging).


2018-2019 COMMITTEE

President - Robyn Allen

Treasurer - Callum Coghlan

Marketing Manager - Bryony Streets

Secretary - Dorothy McDowell

technician - Ran Michaeli

2017-2018 COMMITTEE

President - isobel hambleton

Director of Development - chloe Dootson-Graube

Treasurer - lucy miles

Marketing Manager - callum coghlan

Secretary - Sophie coe

technician - Ran Michaeli

2016-2017 COMMITTEE

President - Matthew Roberts

Director of Development - Rory Grant
Treasurer - Una O'Sullivan
Marketing Manager - Lucy Miles
Secretary - Isobel Hambleton

2015-2016 COMMITTEE

President - Ell Potter

Director of Development - Matthew Roberts
Treasurer - Edward Armstrong
Marketing Manager - Henry Farr
Secretary - Robyn Bower-Morris

2014-2015 COMMITTEE

President - Heloise Lowenthal

Director of Development - Ell Potter
Treasurer - Alexander Grew
Marketing Manager - Surya Bowyer
Secretary - Ione Wells

Assistant Technician - Samuel Littley

2013-2014 COMMITTEE

President - Emma Brand

Director of Development - Will Felton
Treasurer - Andrew Hall
Marketing Manager - Louisa Adams
Secretary - Heloise Lowenthal

Assistant Technician - Samuel Littley

2012 - 2013 COMMITTEE

President - Jack Sain

Vice President - Simon Devenport
Treasurer - Sean Ford
Marketing Manager - Will Felton
Secretary - Emma Brand

Assistant Technician - Samuel Littley

2011-2012 COMMITTEE

President - Jack Sain
Vice President - Luke Gormley
Treasurer - Gina Ford
Marketing Manager - Katherine Skingsley
Secretary - Simon Devenport

2010-2011 COMMITTEE

Presidents - Mark J Dowds, Jessica Denny
Vice President - Violet Cloutman
Treasurer - Katherine Jenkins
Secretary - Flora Ropek-Zackon

Technician - Daniel Travers

2009-2010 COMMITTEE

Presidents - Tatiana Hennessey, Jack Rennison

Secretary - Aimee Cliffe

Standing - Julia McLaren, Louisa-Claire Dunningan

Technician - Daniel Travers

2008-2009 COMMITTEE

President - Hannah Martin 
Vice President - Phoebe Thompson
Treasurer - Rebecca Threfall
Secretary - Sophie McClancy

Technician - Gwyn Skone

2007-2008 COMMITTEE

President - Agata Patyna
Vice President - Asia Osborne
Treasurer - John Maher
Keble Drama - George  Warren

Technician - Gwyn Skone

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