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Any OUDS registered production company is welcome to bid for a slot at the O'Reilly.

Bid documents must be submitted in electronic Form and should consist of:

  • A director’s statement outlining the artistic merit and potential of the production.

  • A producer’s statement outlining the financial situation, backing and predicted income of the production, including a comprehensive budget. Please note that we do not accept bids from production companies intending to use individuals' own personal money as funding. Moreover, please be aware of and account for the O'Reilly's FOH charge of £12.40 per hour. 

  • A statement from the set designer and technician(s) identifying the set, lighting, sound etc. demands, and the logistical and manpower arrangements needed to meet them.

  • A marketing director’s statement outlining how the show will be marketed to reach a college, university and city-wide audience.

  • A Welfare and Inclusion statement, detailing how your production will promote diversity and inclusion, and protect the welfare of cast and crew. More information on inclusion and welfare statements can be found here.

  • Where necessary, proof of performance license should also be supplied.

  • A social distancing statement: [This is not currently required in a bid]  there must be contingencies in place for if government restrictions tighten once more. Your bid must therefore include a statement outlining how your production would cope under those restrictions. Points to consider include:

    • The rule of 6 - if this is still in place, how your show will cope (e.g., by having actors and and creative teams in separate groups)

    • How a positive COVID case will affect the show

    • The complexity of props / costume / set, and whether it can be made COVID-safe

    • The budgeting of the show (given that the theatre may not be able to operate at full capacity, or, at worst, that shows may have to be streamed online)

    • These are just some examples of things to think about - before bidding for a show, we recommend that all teams read the current government guidance for performing arts for more detailed information. Hopefully none of this will be necessary, but back-up plans are!

We welcome bids from across the spectrum of the performing arts, from Jacobean tragedies to modern musicals, ballets to realist dramas. We are particularly keen to hear from companies who:

  • Are committed to putting diversity, access and inclusivity at the core of student theatre.

  • Have considered the unique capabilities of the O’Reilly as a performance space (for more information on what makes us special please have a look at our Theatre Manual).

Please Note: The O'Reilly does not currently have a PASMA trained technician. Companies wishing to rig lights and speakers will therefore need to hire an external technician. In light of this, the technician's fee is currently waived.


  • License Fee- £385

  • Security Deposit- £275

  • Technician's Fee: £0

  • SFOH Fee- 12.40/ hour, adding an hour and a half for work before and after the show.


All bids should be emailed to You can also contact Monica with any queries.

All candidates will be interviewed by the O’Reilly Committee and the AV Technician.

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