The Martin Esslin Society is also a funding body, and we can offer grants and loans to productions using the O'Reilly, and productions elsewhere which involve Keble students in their crew or production team. 

As a guide, MES funding tends to be between £200 and £500 for shows in Oxford, and £500 and £800 for touring or Edinburgh Fringe shows.

Grants of up to £500 may be given to shows that meet either of the following minimum requirements:

 i. The show is being performed at the O'Reilly Theatre and at least two crew members are current members of Keble College;

 ii. The show is being performed elsewhere and at least one of the director, producer, set designer, lighting designer or sound designer is a current member of Keble College.

Shows not meeting these requirements may apply for a loan of up to £500.


All loans offered are pro rata, and any funding (loans or grants) to non-O'Reilly productions will be awarded in proportion to the involvement levels of current Keble members in the production.

Funding Applications should include a budget, a description of the production and a request for a specific sum. Due to current uncertainty, the Martin Esslin Society have decided to extend the deadline for funding applications until Wednesday of 8th Week (10th March). Please send all applications for funding to christian.wilkinson@keble.ox.ac.uk.


All applications will be considered in a committee meeting, and no interviews will be held. We will let you know our decision as soon as possible. Funding application forms can be found in here.

For more information email christian.wilkinson@keble.ox.ac.uk.

We are now accepting bids for shows in Hilary 2022

  If you would be interested in performing at the O'Reilly please send your bid to us before Tuesday 30th November (8th Week)