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The Keble Garden Play

The Keble Garden Play takes place in Trinity Term. Any OUDS-registered production company is welcome to bid to put on a show.

The Space

The performance is held in an outdoor amphitheatre space just off the main quad in the HB Allen Centre (HBAC). Please note that this is not on the main Keble site, but part of our new postgrad site, a 2 minute walk from the main college.


The stage space is approx. 8.2m x 4.5m. It has end-on stepped seating which can seat 65 people, with room for a further 13 standees behind. There is also a balcony space on the stage left and upstage sides, which can be used for more standees, or for actors. There is an alleyway which can function as a a stage right entrance, and another entrance down a set of steps through the audience. The stage backs onto two, glass-fronted seminar rooms, through which actors could also enter and exit. There is a  (very thin) tree in the centre of the stage; it should not impair any sight lines but will probably need to be included as a feature in the performance. Please see the below photographs of the space. We strongly advise teams considering submitting a bid to arrange a time to come and see the space.


Additional Facilities

The garden play slot comes with access to the Glen Callater Room, a 60 seater conference room. This room can be used to serve refreshments before the show, and as a wet-weather alternative to the amphitheatre.


If you have any questions, please contact


Image: Stage, end on (view from standing positions)

Image: Audience seating (view from stage) ft. Ex-Development officer for scale

Image: Stage (view from upstage balcony)

Image: Stage (view from stage left balcony)

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