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The O'Reilly Theatre, Keble College, Blackhall Road, Oxford OX1 3PG

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Third Week
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The Life of Galileo



The O'Reilly Theatre opens in Third Week with Velevt Vest Productions' original take and translation on Bertolt Brecht's classic The Life of Galileo. The play follows renowned physicist, astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei through the streets of Padua, Renaissance Italy 1609, and through his latter years as he struggles to prove the copernican theory of a heliocentric universe.


For more information and tickets please follow this link. 

The O'Reilly Theatre ends its first season with Jazz Hands Productions' performance of the well known musical Chicago. Set in Jazz-age Chicago, this musical is a story of love, murder, fame and, of course, music as two nightclub sensations, Velma and Roxie, battle it out in a bid for fame from behind bars.

For more information (ticket release soon) please follow this link.

Fifth Week sees Cosmic Arts' Scandinavian vision of one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies, Hamlet. This is a play about love and loss, madness and sanity. Hamlet is called back to Denmark to attend his father's funeral but dark forces are at play as Hamlet grapples with his grief and the demands of his new position.

For more information and tickets please follow this link.